About Us

Baysal İnşaat Madencilik Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Şti.

Baysal Construction has been realized in Trabzon to establish decent, high quality, safe and modern living spaces. Since 1987, it has successfully completed many projects by doing construction contracting works and continues to sign new projects. Our company has accomplished important projects in its history of more than a quarter century. By combining quality with knowledge and experience, we have provided comfort to thousands of people in a short time.

Baysal Construction, with its institutionalized structure and educated, experienced staff who are well-versed in developments, has successfully completed superstructure, restoration and building constructions as a main contractor by providing quality and reliable services in accordance with world standards, and has adopted productivity and continuity as a principle. Within the framework of our corporate responsibility and citizenship awareness, we always aim to offer the newest, most advanced technology and the most suitable solution to our citizens in the construction sector, which is our expertise.



BAYSAL's policy is to ensure the continuity of the trust it has built with all the activities it has carried out since its establishment and the facilities, buildings and services it has offered to its employers as a result of these activities, and the continuity of the BAYSAL name, which has become the symbol of this trust.


  • Shopping and Life Center
  • Residences, Housing, Public Housing and Villas
  • Hospitals
  • Business Center
  • Hotel
  • Bank
  • Social Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities Construction
  • Schools, Educational Facilities, University Buildings
  • Sports Facilities


  • Mausoleums and Madrasahs
  • Fountains
  • Inns - Baths
  • Historical Bazaars
  • Palaces - Museums